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What our students say . . .
John (Canada)
john online tesol

Before signing up, I might have been concerned that an on online course wouldn't be as engaging as a traditional class, but ATC's online TESOL course turned out to be a rewarding and thought-provoking experience which provided me with many new ideas and insights about teaching. The team at ATC were very friendly, upbeat, and easy to work with (and always prompt in returning assignments or answering any emails I sent them!). The whole process of the course, from registration to completion, was smooth and enjoyable, and I'm glad to have participated in it...Read More

 Hannah (Canada)
I’ve been a teacher for many years after I completed my TESOL diploma at ATC in Vancouver. So far I have taught in China, Indonesia and Italy, and every lesson I plan, no matter where in the world I am, no matter who I am teaching, I always think back to what I learned at ATC. I took so much away from this class – that learning should be fun, interactive, creative, inspiring.  I strive to put into my lessons the feelings that I myself was able to experience in that classroom at ATC...Read More



 ESL Teaching Tips

How to create great wrap-ups for the ESL lessons you teach?

Perhaps you’ve experienced abrupt endings firsthand – a movie that had no conclusion, a story that seemed to reach a climax and then left you hanging, or a meal that was taken away from your table before you had the chance to sink your fork into that last juicy morsel....Read More


How can you craft engaging introductions for your ESL lessons?

Movie directors know well the importance of opening scenes that “hook” viewers and propel them with proper momentum through the cinematic journey so carefully crafted in advance. Seasoned teachers know the importance of effective introductions too. In the same way that the quality of the first few minutes of a movie is an essential factor in the way the audience will engage with the rest of that movie, in the classroom a good introduction can sustain interest throughout your lesson .... Read More


Stuck with teaching a multi-level ESL class?

Multi-level ESL classes can be a nightmare even for the most experienced teachers. Imagine having to teach four advanced students, three intermediate, and five beginners, all in the same class because two other teachers have suddenly fallen ill and the boss has put you in charge. How can you deal with this seemingly impossible situation? .... Read More